Friday, July 15, 2011

roses ~

just the smell of roses makes me think back to the day when you asked me to walk with you in the park and I rambled on and on about my week at work and how under-appreciated I felt and you kept nodding your head in sympathy or just to keep me happy (either way, I knew that you were listening) and we stopped and sat on a bench and people-watched like we always did and you took my hand and traced it with your fingertips and I laughed in spite of myself (because it tickled, actually) but you thought I was laughing at what you were doing, the meaning behind it, and you dropped my hand, stung by my laughter, so I reached over and touched your face, so beautiful in the sunshine, and I though of how I could have laughed at such a tender moment, and you looked at me and smiled, forgivingly, and then you grabbed my hand again and we stood up to walk some more, our hands locked together, and we came upon an old man selling roses, two dollars each, and you picked out the largest, reddest, most fragrant rose there, and gave the man five dollars, and the man smiled and said "Must be for someone special," and you smiled softly back and said "Yes-someone very special indeed," and you turned to me and held out the rose and I took it from your hand just as you said "I love you," and I started to cry and you took my hand, pulling me close, pulling me into you, and I whisper in your ear as we embrace "I love you, too," and we hold each other in front of everyone walking by in the park that day, staring at us, the smell of the fresh roses drifting around us, wrapped up in the emotion of the moment, and I will cherish this memory close to my heart always, and I will love you with all of my soul forever.

" i like this story " ( copy paste je ^^ )


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