Monday, May 16, 2011

time to sleep ~

i finally finished at my folio .
i'm so happy ya ! ^^ but . .
just a little bit . . x _ x

there is one more things that has not been finish .
thats is my presntation ! oh no !
i may be crazy to think about this !
daa prsntation is will begin soon .
i have not made any prparations already !
better i go away , skip or bla bla bla than
i should go to your class ~
ur face just make me lose my consentrations !
n i bored to sit in ur class !

huh ! but sometimes i love to sit in ur class , ^^
coz ur mud is like a hours that ,
r not uncertain drections ~

from think about u n daa prsntation .
(ur work dat i do not like)
better thn i go to sleep . .
haha it is more nice than condemning !
am i condemning ? (sikit2x)
hehe ^^
( )
      _;  )
( )

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